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Financially In Trim

Are you FIT! already ?
What does this question mean?
FIT! implies that we want to help you getting in shape or maintaining a good physical condition, but what we mean is your financial condition.

In life, we will have multiple financial issues, like getting a mortgage, pension, saving money for our children etc. We also see everyday life becoming (fiscally) more difficult. For example, different approaches for marriage, the complexity of a will, different forms of cohabitation and blended families. There is also financial risks in cases of death, unemployment or disability. Let alone our government that changes the law, year after year. It won't get any easier.

We notice that if we only answer to one single question at a time, a way too large process is needed. We will ask you about your situation, all the ins and outs. A lot of research and advice does not come for free, unfortunately. It will cost a lot of time and money.
Not to mention trying to find all the right documents, which is such a hassle.

 Solution: FIT!
If we will fully chart your financial situation once, we will be faster and better in helping you with all your financial questions. This ensures you of certain benefits, like:

- better advice; in which all your financial components are merged into one, whole advice,
- faster advice; because we will be totally familiar with your financial situation and therefore we will be able to answer your questions faster,
- it will be cheaper; if we will be and stay totally familiar with your financial situation, so we don't have to make an inventory over and over again and you don't have to spend extra costs on advice,
- one point of contact; you won't have to look for the most suitable adviser, we have all specialists in-house, and they are highly qualified,
- your documents will be safe and secure, but visble and available for the both of us; we won't need a fax machine, mail or email anymore,
- in that digital environment, you can also find all work in progress,
- long-term availability; our company has proven to be stable and available for you for over 25 years.

 Wat does FIT! cost?
It won't cost money, only time.
Of course we are not a charitable institution, but if we can be of assistance to you as our established costumer, we also do ourselves a favour. A group of established, satisfied clients. Who doesn't want that?

Your data will be stored in a protected environment during ''the collaboration''.  Nobody, except for you and us, will have access to your data and documents. You have the possibility to counteract this, or have us delete your data at all times.

 Have you become curious? Are you still in doubt or left with any questions?
Please call our office, so we can help you further: +31 40 2522300. Or click on
this link to contact us.