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Financial planning

Strik Creemers and Partners has highly skilled financial planners at your service. Together with you, we will make an analysis of your wishes and financial situation. We will also give you specific advice for your particular situation in which all your requirements are met and possible improvements will also be discussed. With a financial plan, you are fully prepared for financial management in the further future.

Hypotheek advies, hypothecaire planning

Mortgage advice in the form of mortgage planning

Strik Creemers and Partners employs highly skilled and qualified mortgage planners. Our mortgage planner will, together with you, make an analysis of your question. We will specifically look at the long-term affordability of the mortgage. Our clients appreciate our creativity. We often come up with solutions, others did not think of yet. That makes us stand out, but also challenges us to continue to do the best we can. 

Hypotheek advies, hypothecaire planning

Retiring earlier

Too often, we see people who wish to retire sooner. Sooner than the age on which one becomes entitled to state pension (AOW) or earlier, because there is a difference in age between you and your partner. Strik Creemers and Partners also makes these plannings. Of course, retiring sooner is a possibility, but the earlier you discuss your requirements with us, the earlier we can make a financial plan for you to maintain your financial security.

Hypotheek advies, hypothecaire planning

Pension supplement

Strik Creemers and Partners employs financial planners who are highly qualified to advise you on your ongoing pension and optional extensions. Firstly, an analysis of all products will be made and we will particularly bring attention to your desires. Then, the planner will give you advice on how to improve your pension. We won’t particularly look at the products we need, but more at chances and solutions. Of course we will also pay considerable attention to the ANW Survivor’s benefit.


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Disability, death or unemployment

All financial planners and mortgage planners are in possession of a great deal of knowledge and skill when it comes to providing advice about financial risks. Together with you, we will make an extended analysis in which your wishes and risk aversions are mapped out. An advice on how to interpret this will follow. This advice often goes hand in hand with a financial planning or a mortgage planning, but of course also apart.

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Non-life insurance policies

Strik Creemers and Partners employs an expert for these insurances. He can, together with you, make up a plan to organize and/or adjust the non-life insurance policy where required. This applies not only for private insurances like home and content insurances, liability insurances and other insurances, but also for business insurances. So, we also like to be of service for entrepreneurs.


Hypotheek advies Eindhoven, hypothecaire planning

Budget Information and advice

People often have questions or face challenges when it comes to running a financially efficient household. The experts at Strik Creemers and Partners have a high degree of experience in budget improvement and in providing tools. That often goes hand in hand with a broader advice.