About us


The foundation

At the moment, Mike Strik, Evert Creemers and Richard Brugel are the Three Musketeers of this company. Strik Creemers and Partners was founded in 1993. Mike Strik and Evert Creemers became the driving forces in 1997 and Richard Brugel joined them in 2007.  From the very first day, we provide financial quality services. Our company's origin lay in mortgage questions, but later on, our approach has changed. This change has developed into a comprehensive approach of financial questions..

broad perspective

A broad perspective

From a broader perspective, we can perfectly answer all of your  financial questions. A mortgage, for example, is not a single product. If you fully redeem your mortgage within 30 years and retire years later, you can not be assured of enough income for the rest of your life. We will gladly advise you. All our advisers have the capacity to identify with our clients. Expertise, professionalism and involvement are the key elements.

Our approach

Our approach

Whether it is about retiring earlier, financing your home, a financial planning or something else, we are eager to successfully answer all of your questions. Our service, quality and creativity ensure not only a great, but also a fast solution. A comprehensive inventory is essential.  This will enable us to, together with you, obtain a clear vision on your situation. Then, we can carry out an analysis. This analysis is made up of the financial development of the current situation, the financial implications of your own questions and our own findings and points of improvement, the advice. After that, we will make a plan of approach to turn our findings and points of improvement into a new financial plan, the handling.